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Iam a dog lover and blogging about Dog care&Pet care.What is the best for our puppies.How often should we bath them,what should we give them to eat and a lot more.English is not my native language so please bear with me:)

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  • Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

    28 December 2015 ( #dog care, #pet care )

    Why Do Dogs Eat Grass? Whenever you take your dog out for a walk, it’s pretty much guaranteed that they’ll start chomping on some grass. It might be the case that your dog instantly runs for the nearest patch of grass and crams in as much grass as possible,...

  • Sweet potato for dogs? Some common “human” things dogs can eat

    23 January 2016 ( #sweet potato for dogs )

    You might be wondering is ‘Sweet potato for dogs’ good? Every pet owner loves their pet just as though they were a family member and your loyal pet dog also deserves the familial love you shower on the humans that occupy the space in the house you live...

  • Everything You Need To Know About Giving Vitamins To Your Dog

    20 December 2015

    You’re likely aware of how difficult it can be to introduce the right level of nutrition into your diet. So with that in mind, you can probably imagine how incredibly difficult it is for dogs to receive the right level of nutrition in their diet. To tackle...

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