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Iam a dog lover and blogging about Dog care&Pet care.What is the best for our puppies.How often should we bath them,what should we give them to eat and a lot more.English is not my native language so please bear with me:)

Sweet potato for dogs? Some common “human” things dogs can eat

Posted by Adam Marten on January 23 2016, 23:44pm

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Sweet potato for dogs? Some common “human” things dogs can eat

You might be wondering is ‘Sweet potato for dogs’ good? Every pet owner loves their pet just as though they were a family member and your loyal pet dog also deserves the familial love you shower on the humans that occupy the space in the house you live in. Despite all the affection and strong feelings you hold for your dog, a part of you would never want to feed him or her with foods that humans consume because the biology of both organisms is just so different. It is common for people to feed their dear pets with some great, enticing homemade food on occasions that inspire the family to cook up a big meal. If you have some lovely items ready and are worried if your dog's belly will support it.

Sweet potatoes are loved by many of us and on occasions, when someone in the family makes a lovely concoction using the vegetable, everyone wants to have a piece and this includes the dog as well. So, can dogs eat sweet potatoes? It is suggested that dogs do not consume the usual white potato, but sweet potatoes are safe and preferred for the animals because of their high nutritional value. In fact, they are so healthy that they make for great additions to your pet's diet. If you love sharing your food with your dog, then sharing sweet potato for dogs is actually a very good idea. They are a source of dietary fiber, beta carotene, manganese, and contain vitamin B6 and vitamin C which are all good for a dog. Being reasonably priced and easily available makes them a treat for humans and dogs alike.

Now that you have a positive answer to the question, “can dogs eat sweet potatoes?”, what are some other “people” foods that your pet can consume?

  • Eggs
    • Using eggs as an addition to the dog's diet is actually a good idea.
    • Eggs contain digestible protein and selenium which are great for a dog's health.
    • However, one should make sure to not use uncooked eggs as they can cause biotin deficiency in the pet.
  • Beans
    • The crunchy green beans are a great source of plant fiber, vitamin K , vitamin C, and manganese.
    • Beans are also good for the dogs that have a tendency to gain weight easily and you can replace their regular diet items with them.
  • Brewer's yeast
    • Brewer's yeast is the yeast left after making alcohol and dogs love its tangy flavor.
    • It is full of B vitamins which is great for the skin and the coat. These are also good for a healthy metabolism.
    • Just sprinkle a little on your dog's food and watch them enjoy it with more relish.
  • Yogurt
    • Yogurt is a good source of calcium and protein and great for the dog's health.
    • Go for unflavored and natural yogurt for the best results.

A happy family time to you and your dog! If someone would ever ask are sweet potatoes good for dogs? Just say yes confidently!.

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